The Global Autism Project

My goal with this blog is to educate, encourage, and empower other parents who have children with special needs.  As such, it is important to promote organizations that provide resources that help families live their best lives, regardless of the limitations that befell them.  My dear friend,  Angela, has dedicated much of her adult life working with children who are on the Autism Spectrum and their families.   Her goal is to equip families with the tools they need to be the best advocate they can be for their children.

Her newest venture is with the Global Autism Project.  Here, in her words, is what she hopes to accomplish with the organization.

Global Autism Project
Photo Copyright 2015 Global Autism Project

“Our belief is that all children should have access to the tools they need to achieve their goals, dreams and participate in their communities!  Global Autism Project was not founded to have others simply go in & help children by working with them ourselves. Global Autism Project aims to teach the staff, who work daily at centers around the globe, so that they can appropriately apply these skills to their culture and help the children and families in their local communities.  As a future SkillCorps® member, I am excited to be in a position to empower the staff with the end result of knowing that the autistic community in these countries can have access to quality services.  I also feel honored to be able to bring awareness to the communities in which the centers are located.  In many countries people with autism are often cast out, abandoned within the communities, or hidden within their homes due to lack of knowledge.  Those that are on the spectrum here in the US are afforded the option to receive care.  There is a system of care in place, it’s not quite perfect but it is getting better each year.  In most of these under developed countries, there are zero opportunities to have any type of services or knowledge of what type of therapies are needed.  Thankfully because of the hard work & dedication of volunteers the number of countries where sustainable support continues to increase.”

“There are now 10 countries in which Global Autism Project has a center.  Keep in mind that for the majority of these countries… there is one center.  With the support of volunteers & financial contributions this number will rise!  Why is it so important? Whether I’m providing therapy here in the US of in another country, it is important that every person be given the tools & opportunity to live up to their fullest potential. Basic skills such as rolling a ball, saying hi, or using a spoon can take several months to a year to accomplish at any given age when on the spectrum. I love being able to help my kids reach these milestones! Each & every day is different & some days are more productive than others but each day I make sure that I show up & support each of my kids. Some weeks everyday feels like a Monday to them & being at the center is the last place they want to be. These waves of emotional and behavioral aren’t just felt by me, but the parents experience them as well.  This is why parent training is also important.  Being able to give parents the tools they need to carry on with therapy at home is very important.  This empowers them & allows the parent to possibly have more positive interactions with their child.  Knowing what to look for before a meltdown occurs is important & also how to decrease how long it lasts.”

When a child receives an Autism diagnosis, there is a slew of information that comes at the parents… all at once, it seems.  Part of it has to do with therapy… how to go about choosing a center… and how to go about paying for it.  Unfortunately ABA and other types of behavioral therapy can be costly.  The Global Autism Project has made it possible for all families, regardless of socioeconomic background.  Thanks to this awesome organization, all children will have a chance to live their truest purpose without putting the burden on their parents.  With more and more children able to get access to the services they need, and with more and more parents receiving the training and encouragement they need, Autism will no longer be the “A” word it still is in many communities.

For more about the Global Autism Project, and how you can help, visit

If you would like to help her in her current endeavors please visit:

Be a part of the change!



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